Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Precious

I have had a busy day and a nap and have been trying to be productive this afternoon.  As I trekked to the ice box for a bottle of water, I looked out my kitchen window to see this:

This my darling, Sassy, or Kitty Meow as we call her.  She is the precious light of our life.  She, in all her darling-ness, is laying directly beneath our woodpecker nest watching the feedings and listening to their raucous cries.  I lured her to the comfort of the carport with kitty treats and threatened to cut her tongue out if she at one of my baby birds.  In typical cat fashion, she ignored me, but she did stay on the carport for the time being. 

This just reiterates one of my core beliefs.  You can never truly own a cat.  She just allows me to live here.  She eats her expensive cat food.  She walks on whatever vehicle or item of furniture she chooses.  She gets her way, let in, let out, fed fresh catfood, watered with freshly tapped water, litter-box cleaned on demand.  I could stand to learn a thing or two from her.  I just hope she stays away from my baby birds....

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