Monday, October 10, 2011

Self-Reflection is...

Self-reflection is___________(you fill in the blank.)

 Rewarding?  Painful?  Rewardingly Painful?  Painfully Rewarding?  How about just necessary!  This weekend, I spent some time alone with me.  I haven't done that in quite a while.  And, while visiting, I discovered I've got a pretty cool person inside I need to get to know again.  In order to do that, I need to do some cleaning.

Tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet!  And I'm excited about it!  I have boxes of craft supplies (neatly organized, of course) I'm donating to people at my school.  I will take them to work tomorrow and not bring anything home!  I've decided that if it isn't part of my passion (see the previous post) it's got to go to make room for good things.  (By the way, I forgot to add beading to that list of hobbies I've tried.  Two boxes worth of beading...)

I will keep my painting supplies because a) I do enjoy it.  b) I have a project or two in mind. And c) I get paid to paint sometimes.  Other than that, it's got to go.  Good-bye polymer clay, beads, pen and ink supplies, scissors with designer blades, and random other junk I have stored.  Now, I have more room for books and writing things, and books about writing things.  Cleaning makes me feel good, but what makes me feel better is finding out new things about myself...and deciding I'm worth the change.

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