Sunday, October 2, 2011

What is it and can you eat it?

I posted this on MaryJane's Farm Forum before I realized I couldn't add my pictures.  So, here it is again.  I have this viney thing that will eventually bush if left alone.  It produces nice purple berries and has gorgeous ivy sort of leaves.  With my luck it's either poisonous or a nuisance plant.  I can't find anyone to identify it.  Care to give it a go?  I live in south Arkansas, zone 8 - and it's hardy.  It will grow on fences, preferrably, but will just about survive anywhere.  Here are the pix:

Post Script:
Thanks for Farmgirl Penny for identifying my mystery plant as Peppervine, or formally known as Ampelopsis arborea.  It's a member of the grape family with little nutritional value for the varmits.  People can't eat it and it's a monster to kill.  So much for my luck.  Inedible and a nuisance plant - but it sure is pretty to look at when the berries are ripe!

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