Saturday, May 12, 2012

Squash Pickles!

My awesome neighbor always plants WAY too many
veggies.  This morning, I was able to harvest enough squash,
bell pepper, and onions to make three batches of squash pickles.
Sad/Great thing is, I still didn't get everything!
These pickles are sweet, tangy, and my favorite thing to eat
with Sloppy Joes (when I could still eat Sloppy Joes.)

I also ended up with zucchini, which I turned into carrot & zucchini
bars with lemon cream-cheese frosting.  Nom Nom Nom!!!

The cucumbers are getting there.  Got about half as many as I needed
to begin my bread-n-butter odyssey.  I'll have more than I want
by this time next week!

There is no doubt about it.  The garden is in!