Monday, August 13, 2012

Homemade Swiffers...sorta!

I can't follow directions.  

I'll admit it...rather openly.

Well, I don't always follow them completely. 
What I read and what I think I read are two different things.

I found out (long story short) I'm allergic to the scent on my swiffer brand dusters.  It was rather delightful to realize that no, my house really isn't that's something else making me snot profusely when I cleaned!

So, I googled for homemade swiffer dusters.  I'd given up the swiffer floor pads years ago for a microfiber towels (dollar tree) cut in half and tucked in the grips.  Wash, air dry, and go again.

Since I know I have trouble with directions, I enjoyed her pictures and step-by-steps.  I dug through my fabric supplies for felt.  I enlisted my rarely used cutting mat and wheel (a must for this project.  Made cutting SO simple.)
I cut, placed, sewed, snipped and WOW!  I have a duster!
It's really hot's what I had.

I dusted and it was wonderful.  A little thick, but picked up every speck of dust.  It passed my black-bookshelves-test with flying colors.  I just knew I had to be more careful with my delicates.

I noticed when I "fluffed" it wasn't as fluffy as hers.  I read again.  Flannel, Holly, not felt.  FLANNEL.  And, the kicker is, I have a bag FULL of flannel...and I dug out the only piece of felt I owned.  I made three dusters - and, when I'm not so tired, I'll use my FLANNEL to make more. 

I was so proud of being productive after a very full day at work.  The entire project took me about 30 minutes from drag-out to clean-up.  It was after the fact I realized I'd used the wrong material!  Part of it was my comprehension.  I read flannel and thought felt.  And, part of it was being really tired after a restless night and a full day of brain work.  But, it is what it is!

Actually, this may be a good thing.  I needed dusters for work and the heavier duty felt may be just the thing for my bookshelves and computer tables.  I'll make lemonade from that lemon...and read more carefully next time!

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