Monday, February 25, 2013

Uncle, Uncle, UNCLE!

I give up.  These Wireless Sundays have got to go.  I made it 2 months before going stark-raving crazy!  They were successful.  I enjoyed the "quiet" time, but I didn't realize how dependent I am on technology.  Example. Yesterday after church we did some shopping and I ended up with a bag of beautiful lemons.  I knew I wouldn't use them immediately, so I wondered how best to store them for optimal freshness.  That's a question for Google, but not on Wireless Sunday!  In church, I thought of two or three people I needed to send cards to this week.  I print my own with a card-making program I enjoy.  Well, not on Wireless Sunday!  It became an issue of trying to hard to plan ahead on Saturday for any anticipated Google issues and/or minor paperwork things so that going wireless simply isn't feasable.  I spend more time accomodating for it than I do enjoying it.  I've decided moderation is the key.  That doesn't mean spend all afternoon on Pinterest, but if I need to Google when to clean out my blue-bird houses, then by all means look it up, then move on!  Everything in moderation.  (Now, if I could only apply this to caffeine and chocolate!)

P.S.  The best way to keep lemons optimally fresh is in the refrigerator.  However, they will eventually spoil in there too, so before that happens, zest and juice them - and freeze your results.  Enjoy!

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  1. Yay! Does this mean we can email more often?! (Yes, I am aware you are still waiting on an email from me!) Haha.