Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Summer Projects

The rain this morning was welcome and delightful.
The lingering headache I woke with, was not.
I can at least do one post today.
Projects requiring thought?  Not so much.

 A quick summary of finished projects:
I used spray adhesive and scrapbooking paper from a previous project
to cover my new (and very plain) calendar and address book.
(I'm a BIG nerd.  Can't wait for the new calendars to come out in the summer!)

I made this delicious pizza for lunch one Saturday.
My allergy to tomatoes has taught me to think creatively when cooking.
Alfredo sauce, chicken, mushrooms, onions, spinach,
along with fresh basil & chives from my garden.
It was delish...even my husband said so!

I made a summer-weight robe.
I'm still not sure about the fabric, but it was high quality and
ridiculously expensive, marked down to nothing.
It wears well and I'm pleased.

I worked on a mini-decorative project for my bedroom.
It's not finished yet - still needs a few touches.
I discovered hot glue is really hot.
(And, to my husband's amusement,
mod-podge will not stick to styrofoam.)

I took some pretty good pictures:

Love this moth on my lantana.  The colors really pop.

Love my zoom lens.  This isn't as crisp as I'd like, but it's
a female bluebird re-feathering her next for her second batch of babies.
(They are on round three for the summer as I speak.)

My favorite is this tiny spider.  Her legs are folded underneath her.
She lived in the top of my watering can.
I couldn't get anything for a size reference in the picture,
but this entire web would be covered by a dime.
I did my best to fill the can around her web, but it didn't always work.
She finally gave up and moved along to a more secure spot.

My summer projects aren't finished yet, but my summer nearly is.
I have finishing touches to add to my bedroom.
I am waiting on chairs I ordered at Pier 1 for my living room.
The quilt.  Let's not talk about the quilt.
I'm documenting as I progress, so pictures will follow!

I return to work a week from today.
Long-live the rest of my vacation.
May the days be very long & productive!
(Or just very long...I'm learning I don't always HAVE to be busy!)

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