Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not-So-Extreme Home Make-Over...Finished

It's amazing how little it takes to make you feel good!
A bit of fabric (and two new chairs.)
I never want to leave home!

Our living room is long and narrow.
We actually have two seating areas.
The primary area wasn't comfortable.
My husband never liked this red wooden furniture.
(Red, one of my favorite colors, isn't one of his.)

(Yes, those are deer mounts on the wall.
2 of 10 mounts...I just counted.  I don't even "see" them anymore.)
Anyway, the chairs weren't comfortable.
One was broken.  Pier 1 to the rescue!

Two wingbacks.  Gorgeous fabric.
Perfect for tea and reading.
Moved the couch to the other wall and removed the red chairs.

P.S. Kelley - the red table we saw at Target - it would be PERFECT between
my new chairs.  But it's red.  My sweetheart said ANY color but red...please.

*     *     *    *    *

The bedroom is still in process but almost done.
This is my new favorite fabric...my royal baby.
Printed in England, the print is called "Abbottsford."
On sale...lucky me.

The throw didn't take much effort.  Cut, hem, add bullion fringe.
I love bullion fringe.  It makes the ordinary look extraordinary.

The pillow took more effort and speaks of marital cooperation.
I consulted my design expert (Kelley) who said, how about a big square pillow?
I had two sets of shams with flange edges.  I wanted cording on this one.
I had no cording and vowed not to go to town until I went to work Wednesday.

My dear husband raided his shop.
He donated his military grade paracord.
I made my own piping, and sewed up my "survival" pillow.
In case of zombie apocalypse, grab the pillow.
It has at least 90 inches of paracord safely camoflaged within.

Home sweet home.
I was finally home long enough this summer to do a bit of nesting.
Now that my nest is feathered, it's time to venture back into the world.
However, it is waiting on me every evening.

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