Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Not-So Extreme Make-Over: Utility Room Shelves

I am very blessed to have a utility room.
I am doubly blessed to have it open right off my kitchen.
(When we bought the house, the entrance was from the carport.
Who wants to schlep clothes to the washer in the elements?)

I've tried to make use of every inch of space.
The hot water tank, washer, dryer, and safe take up a lot of space.
I was able to squeeze in two large metal shelves.
One I use for general storage (shown), the other for food storage & microwave.

I store wreaths on hooks around the room.
Every inch of this room is used and it's stacked to the ceiling.
It's useful, but not all together pleasant to look at.

My dryer lint also manages to take over.
We are dirty people.  I wash at least one load of clothes day.
Sometimes more.

A sale at the fabric store made ideas start to bubble.
I loved this yellow and green fabric.
Why not make curtains for my utility room shelves?
Why not, indeed?

I can't believe what a difference it makes!
This was a quick project.  I serged the edges and attached
sticky loop tape (Velcro) and voila!  Covered shelves!
Now, my canning jars will be clean and dust-free when I'm ready to use them.

I've done a bit more cleaning and arranging.
And, ahem, finally gotten around to floating the sheetrock and
painting the wall of the door we enclosed...a while ago. 
It's fresh and clean and I just love looking at it.

Today, that is.
  Tomorrow, it will be laundry time.

P.S. Nothing is allowed to even sit temporarily on top of the safe.
Not even clean clothes. 
The swag has been moved from the top of the sacred safe. 
My husband will never know.

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