Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wild Violet Jelly

This was a Spring project, not Summer, but it was the beginning!
I've waited and waited for enough violets to bloom to try this.
It takes 2 cups of blooms
Do you have ANY idea how many little wispy flowers that is?

I didn't count.  I felt it would be discouraging!
After scouring my yard and several surrounding acres,
including the nearby woods and creek bank, I had enough.  Finally!
The next step was to make tea, essentially pouring boiling water over the blooms and allowing them to steep overnight.

The next day, the magic begins.
After carefully straining the blooms from the "tea,"
I added the tea to sugar, to make a rather blue-greenish tinted liquid.

Then, add lemon juice to the tea and sugar *magic*! 
It turns this delightful pink.

In the traditional jelly-making sense, I continued with boiling, adding pectin,
filling jars, and a water bath yielding 4 very precious tiny jars 
of this delightfully light and floral jelly.

I don't believe it's to my husband's taste, as we still have jars left.
I, however, enjoy a bit on a biscuit or scone from time to time.

I found the recipe here:

I don't know if I'll make more next Spring or not.
My next jelly making adventure will be dandelion.  Stay tuned!

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