Friday, September 20, 2013

Juggling Monkeys

I've had a lot of questions about my new desk art. 
I have this saying framed and displayed prominently.
(Thanks to Beth for finding it for me!)
I hope it will serve as a reminder to say no
and stay out of business not belonging to me.

This school year, when someone has asked me how things are going,
My response has been, "Just juggling monkeys..."
They usually respond with a puzzled look and an, "okkaaayyyy..."

Here's what I mean:
When you juggle normal objects like a
tennis ball, a bowling pin, or even a chain saw
you throw them up, they come down.

Monkeys don't do that.
When you throw monkeys up
Sometimes the come down...and sometimes they don't.
Sometimes they bring a vine (or five) with them.
Sometimes they cling to one another
and come down in a swirling clump of arms and legs.
Sometimes they come down on your head
and wrap their furry paws around your eyes
(and their tail around your neck.)
Sometimes they don't come down where you are expecting them.
Sometimes they don't come down at all
they find a spot to sit and throw "stuff" at you.

Just juggling monkeys.
Ever had a day, week....year like that?
It's strange when juggling becomes the norm.
When did it become a sign of accomplishment to be busy?

Because of this, I value my friends more than they know.
I look forward to random texts during the day.
An email from far away can make me smile like nothing else.
I try to enjoy the special things that make my day.

I'm determined to enjoy life...monkeys and all.
How are your monkeys?