Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I'm Missing...

This year, I missed the harvest moon.
I knew it was out there.
I saw the radiance through my blinds onto my darkened walls.
I was busy doing...things.

It never occurred to me laundry could wait.
Dishes could wait.
Heck, supper could wait long enough for me
to stand on my patio and just breathe.

As I scurry about from one chore to the next every evening,
I wonder why I don't just stop and breathe?
Would it hurt me to sit in the swing for a while with my cat
(instead of her trying to trip me for attention?)

I found this quote and it reminded me of what I miss.
I decided to make myself a permanent marker.
It's hanging under my carport facing my car.
I'll see it everyday as I leave.
I'll see it every evening as I return.

I think of what I miss...
Sunrise I see, as I'm on my way to work.
Sunset, rarely.  I'm "busy."

I've missed the last dragonflies, fireflies, and hummingbirds.
I've missed most of my hurricane lilies.
I've missed sitting in the swing until I'm damp with dew.

I'm making a point to be more aware.
Now I'm trying to stay outside long enough to count
at least one airplane overhead every evening.
(That's not hard, I'm in a great fly zone.)

I'm committed to love on my cat before she causes
me to break a leg and spend my holidays on crutches.
I'm determined to sit in my swing for an undertimed
time each day.  I'll call it meditation.

I'm learning my journey in life is made of up these moments.
I won't remember the innumerable dishes and loads of laundry.
I won't remember how clean my house was or was not.
I will remember the little things that made me
stop, breathe, think and enjoy.

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