Monday, March 17, 2014

Trash to Treasure

I love my new table. 
My husband informed me last night I'm not to "love" objects, just people.
I really, really, really like this table.
(Happy, Honey?)

I had seen this idea on Pinterest, my mostest favoritest website ever.
I've been looking for a sewing machine base ever since.
I don't antique.  I rarely visit stores that sell old things.
I called my sister-in-law and friends who do!

My sister-in-law found this base in my home-town!
I was able to negotiate for a great price.
I had the tray for the top just waiting for a home.
Together, they are perfect!

This tray is an old ammunition tray my husband has had forever.
It's worn and dinged and faded and charming.
He threw it in the dumpster.  I made him fish it out for me.
He said it used it as a tool box on his old tractor.

It took a while to find a use for it, but thanks to Pinterest,
the rest is living room history!
I now have a place to put the books I'm reading,
my mug of morning tea, and it makes me smile!

The best part, the treadle works, so I can 
spin, spin, spin as I watch birds from the window.
It takes so very little to entertain me 
which turns out to be one the the great joys of my life!

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