Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fear of Flying

Yesterday I left a comment on a blog about blogging.
I haven't written here in months.  
I've committed to NaNoWriMo
(National Novel Writing Month) and

I've been amazed at the time I've found to write.
I thought, if I can write a book the month of November,
surely I can make a few blog posts!

I miss writing here.  I think of post topics at least twice a week.
I use all sorts of excuses to keep from sitting down.
I don't have a picture.
My home internet is slow.
I don't have uninterrupted time right now.
No one will read it anyway.

I've come to the conclusion, none of that matters.
I do this for me and no one else.
It's enough that it makes me happy.
So, if I'm the only one who reads it,
then I'm still conquering my fear of flying.

I do not like to fly.  
I believe it has to do with not having control 
over the situation at that moment.
(Yes, I know.  I'm working on it.)
I do love airplanes and
I live in a great fly-over zone.
I snapped this picture on the way to work one morning.
Three planes in the distance.
It made my morning.

I love this picture.  
The deep, almost periwinkle blue of the sky.
The light reflecting on my persimmon tree.
The clear, white stream behind this westward plane.
It was a perfect picture.

The flight zone had been particularly busy this afternoon.
I love the intersection just at the top of the trees.  
One more bisecting the others.
Is bisecting the right term?  
(It's been years since geometry.)

I may not like to fly.
I may even be afraid of flying.
However, I'm learning to NOT let that keep me off a plane!
Or, from anything else I desire to do. 
Limiting myself is a useless activity.
I am so blessed to be able to take this journey one step at a time.
I'm determined to enjoy every step.
And every plane.