Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Half-Marathon Training, Week 1 Continued


I am not going to die.
It was touch and go for a while.
Ellipticals are wonderful, but good old-fashioned
walking/jogging uses different muscles.

Here's what I've learned since Monday:

1.  Good shoes are a must.  Invested in these yesterday:

 I was hoping to get a "pretty" pair, you know, colorful.
After research, these were the right ones for me.
Black is slimming and goes with everything...right?

2.  Appropriate workout clothes are a must.
I literally ran out of my shorts this morning.
That was an "effing awesome" feeling...
I caught them before I frightened the wildlife.
Can't wait for my payday shopping trip!!!

3.  Running on a freshly grated road is not fun.
I liken it to the SEALS running on the beach in Coronado.
(Seeing that is on my bucket list.)

You get zero traction and it works your tail off.
I'm no G.I. Jane, but I could probably chase one of these guys.
(What I'd do if I caught one is for another post...!)

4.  After workout stretches are a must.  
Also learned this the hard way.
It's taken me two days to limber back up.
Found a "yoga every runner should do" site.
Downward Dog was super good to my legs this morning.

5.  After stretching, meditation is a must.
I had company this morning.  
She talked to me a bit before settling
 to do her own version of kitty yoga.

I love the app, Calm.
 I use the 10 minute guided meditation with
the Celestial Sunbeams scene.
The music reminds me of Pachelbel's Canon in D.

My morning workout is done.
I have an enormous sense of accomplishment.
I feel great.
I'm ready to tackle the rest of my day.
I think I'll start with a good book.

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