Monday, June 15, 2015

Half-Marathon Training - Week 2, Day 1

Like a SEAL in the Surf...

This is evidence I did something!
No, it wasn't just walk back and forth
in front of my mailbox.  
Weekend rains made the gravel spongy.
Don't know that it was any softer on my knees.
The rain certainly did not help the humidity.
But, it gave me visible evidence of my labors this morning.

Week 2 has started.
I'm excited.  I'm scared.
I have 87 year old knees.
Getting those checked Wednesday,
provided I live through Day 2 of Week 2.
That's the day we up the ante.

Week 1 and part of week 2 involves a sequence.
Run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes.
It's just enough recovery time.
I'm challenging myself to see how far I can go in a minute.
This week we begin the transition to run 2, walk 2.
I know I can run 2.

Today was gratifying in a way.
It was a bit easier.
No, not easier, but I'm getting stronger.
It was still tough.
But it wasn't as tough as Saturday.

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