Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Half-Marathon, Week 2, Day 2

Hanging 'em Up

All good things must come to an end.
Darn it.
First things first.
I made it through the increase of Week 2, Day 2!

I knew when I jogged my first round it was going to be tough.
My knees have been giving me grief.
This morning they weren't as swollen as they have been.
But, impact is impact and it wasn't pretty.

I didn't break any land speed records.
I did manage to run 7 rounds, about 14 minutes.
I did it without my morning tea and electrolytes.
(Fasting for blood work.)  It was good.

My doc (also a former runner) and I discussed things.
Due to my family history and current situation,
he said, no more running.
Walk, swim, elliptical.  No running.

My knees are popping and grinding and filled with fluid.
(There is no way I can sneak up on anyone.  They'd hear me coming.)
The next step is an orthopedic and surgery.
No, thank you.  I think I'll just use the elliptical.

I am very disappointed.  
I was looking forward to a new challenge, and a new me.
My cheerleaders said - no problem, we'll walk a marathon.
It'll give us more time to talk along the way.

I love these women.
They encourage and support me.
I'm going to take today to be sad, 
then I'm going to encourage and support me.

This blog commitment was first about running.
Now, I'm going to focus on the other things.
I'm enjoying writing and creating and expressing myself.
So, stay tuned to see what I discover next!

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