Saturday, October 17, 2015

My First 5K!

My First 5k!

My Ode to Katie!
I have a wonderful friend who has been an encouragement and cheerleader to me since we became friends.  She's the reason I started running this summer.
She's the reason I'm still walking after Doc said "No running."
(Hope he doesn't see this and fuss at me...although my knees will tell the tale tomorrow...)

We had planned to do a half-marathon in November.
Plans have since changed, but not before I started training.
I found a couch to 21K training program and started August 31.
As of Thursday, I've logged 100 intentional miles on the track and my gravel road.
I walk between 3 and 5 miles every Tuesday and Thursday.
Saturdays I add a mile.  I started at 4.  Last week I did 9.
It varies distance with a rest week.  This week I was to do 6.  Next week 10.
Although our race place changed, my goal is to do 13 on Halloween.

Today was the Crossett vs. Hamburg Rivalry Run.
(See the Ashley County Rivalry Run Facebook page or for more details.)
Katie talked me into it.
Katie talked me into the tutu.
Katie caught up with me at the end because my pace took me off at the start with Lynn Parker.
Katie could have run it twice in the time it took me to walk it.
(Admittedly, my mile/minute ratio was off, but I still did pretty darn good.)
She caught up with me during the last block when Lynn and I started to jog.
We decided to stretch it out into a sprint....and here's picture proof!

It felt amazing...and my knees haven't complained yet.
We capped off the day with the award ceremony.
She won second in her age category.  I'm so proud of her.
She gave her trophy to me - because she's proud of me.
She wanted me to have it to commemorate my first 5K.
I will display it with pride and never forget sharing today with her.
And she's right, I kinda have the racing bug now.

I've promised to do the Mississippi  River Half with her in February.
I also promised the full monty of the Little Rock Marathon in March. 
She promises medals, t-shirts, and lots of swanky bling.
She's trying to talk me into the Warrior Dash.
I'm all for walking flat surfaces.  Not sure I can handle obstacles too.
But who knows.  I never thought I'd have done a 5K, much less 3x that last weekend.

Connie was with us all day too,
She cheered from the rodeo grounds with the cheerleaders.
She snapped the "finish line" pix.
She joined us for a grease & carb loaded celebratory breakfast at Huddle House afterwards.
Heck, she even drove!  I felt like a princess!
Next year, she's going to walk with me...I'm issuing the challenge.

It's great to have friends.
It's even better to have great friends who are in the trenches with you.
Thick and thin, good days and bad, lunch, coffee, and beyond, they are my go-to girls.
Katie and Connie - my life is so much more enriched with you two in it.
Melinda, next year you're coming too.  No more side-lining!
Love you guys to the moon and back!

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