Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finally Home

Finally Home

My favorite part of the year was always shopping for school supplies.
I loved the feel of paper, the smell of pencils, and the clean slate of possibility.
Through the years, this craving hasn't abated.
Being an educator has only made it worse!
I justified journals and pens and stickers "for my kids."
Well, I've finally found a use for them all...since I didn't share with my students...

Enter:  Bullet Journaling

I discovered this strictly by accident on New Year's Day.
I was scouring Pinterest for planner ideas.
My goal this year is to make more "Me" time, and to do that, it must be scheduled.
So, I was going to create a calendar of my important things:
reading, writing, correspondence, meditation, and joy seeking.

I ran across an enchanting picture (and now I don't remember which)
by a beautiful genius named Kara (can't find her last name)
on a site called BohoBerry (.com which has more personal significance than you could imagine)
and my life has been changed forever.

Most people use their BuJo (for short) to plan and track and stay organized.
They can be simple, complex, plain or decorative.
The beauty of the system is that it is all yours.
I've finally found my happy place.

In reading Gretchen Ruben's book Better Than Before about cultivating habits,
I learned I'm an Obliger (with a strong Upholder tendency as well.)
One of the Obliger's biggest problems is accountability.  We don't work well without it.
Well, bujo is going to be my solution.

Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest continued to educate and inspire me.
Most of the supplies I had already.
Great pens, a stash of color pencils and stickers I'd planned for my calendar.
Enter a $5.00 grid journal from Wal-Mart and I was good to go.

I started with the recommended index page and yearly calendar spread 
because I still need to see weeks/months, not just lists of numbers and days:

Then, I added the recommended key and a big quote
 followed by a page of affirmations and a started list of goals (16 for 2016)
I left space for blog ideas, studio plans, and quotes that inspire me.

Reading is my next big love, so space was allocated for
TBR - To Be Read books, focusing on those I've started but not finished.
I also included LOTS of pages for a reading log
something always I intend to keep, but never complete.

After that comes my monthly spread.
I borrowed, stole, liberated, and copied other's designs with abandon.
I think this is going to work for me.
Monthly, I get an idea of things I need to do personally.

I included a space for gratitude and tracking those things that make me better.

And finally, my daily section.  I loved the weather headings Kara added to hers.
I think she uses the little date flags too and I know others do.
I've looked at so many, I don't know who I took what from anymore.
This isn't so much of a to-do, as a what-I-did list.
A bulleted journal that takes the pressure from writing epic missives every day.

I am excited to sit down each morning and review my day.
It's a great reminder of the good things I'm doing for me.
I look forward to sitting down each evening and recording my day. 
It's a great reminder of the good things I did for me.

While it doesn't cover ever aspect of my life, it's a start.
Work stays at work, as does my work calendar.
Writing is all-encompassing and becoming more and more a part of every day.
I don't need to write that down, I'm living it.
This is an all-in-one place I can dream and wish and plan and create
(as soon as I learn to do that cool new calligraphy everyone else has...)

It's a link to a new tribe of friends.
It's an invitation to reflect with joy.
It's permission to create, imperfectly.
Which makes it perfect for me.

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  1. You touched my heart with your description of your journal and why you need it. I think that is part of what we find in fellow journalers-the ability to be vulnerable. Thank you!