Tuesday, January 12, 2016



"In the age of constant motion, nothing is so
urgent as sitting still."
Pico Iyer - from his TED talk.

I've developed the habit of listening to a
podcast every evening while walking or
cleaning or cooking dinner.
Today was "Quiet" on the TED Radio Hour,
sponsored by NPR.

It featured snippets of talks by
John Francis, Planetwalker, who did not 
speak for 17 years,
Megan Washington, Australian musician
and songwriter who stutters,
Gavin Pretor Pinney who started the 
Cloud Appreciation Society, and
Pico Iyer, novelist and travel writer who
spends time in stillness.

There were experts on introverts and
extroverts and how our society has changed
over the years, including the educational
systems who cater to extroverts.

I am an introvert.
I crave stillness.
I crave quiet.
I need it to function.

I've always known this, but haven't always
served my need for silence.
I take great delight in silence.
No television. No radio. No conversation.
Just silence with my thoughts.
According to John Francis, after a while,
even they grow silent.

My "revolution" this year is to have 
The Year of Me.
I think it may also include very large
and lovely pockets of silence.

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